The Brandywine Creek Boys take their name from the band's birthplace, the Brandywine Creek in Chester County, Pennsylvania. The Boys perform an energetic mix of classic country music covers from legends like Buck Owens, Merle Haggard, and George Jones, along with their own classic-sounding original tunes. Known up and down the East Coast for their audience-friendly live performances, the group always makes sure to get fans dancing and drinking heavily as soon as the first notes are struck. The Brandywine Creek Boys have brought their stripped-down sound to everywhere from haybale-lined flatbed trucks in Florida to New York City dive bars, and recently released their new single, "Johnny, Jack & Jim" b/w "The Saddest Bar In The World," a double-sided slice of barroom bliss.


The Brandywine Creek Boys are:

Tall Lonesome Timmy: Drums
Jefferson Thomas: Vocals, guitar
 Pemberton Roach: Vocals, bass

Guest vocals: Miss Maggie

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